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Mission Statement

To keep pace with the rapidly changing world, DPS will build and maintain technology environments that meet the on-going, 21st-century learning needs of all students, and provide the resources necessary to sustain the growth of technology systems, devices, and tools required for impactful, efficient and effective student learning and district operations.

Technology Objectives

  • Ensure equitable access to technology for all students—and be especially mindful of English Language Learners and students with special needs.
  • Deliver the right data to the right people at the right time
  • Provide training and instructional support to help schools meet the on-going, 21st-century learning needs of their students and staff
  • Provide seamless, integrated enterprise business systems that support efficient, effective support services and provide information required for performance measurement and continuous improvement.
  • Ensure technology infrastructure meets the ongoing instructional and operational needs of schools and departments


Current State of DPS Technology

Enterprise Systems - Supports 295 applications across 220 physical and 450 virtual servers at a 12% annual growth rate. DPS currently has 650 terabytes of central storage at an annual growth rate of 21%. Additionally, this team oversees all DBA, SA, Windows Enterprise, and Computer Operations

Network Services - 10 Gigabyte fiber wide area network installed to all schools and admin facilities provides broadband connectivity to one of the states largest networks. Consists of over 2,600 Cisco routers and switches, and 6,460 wireless access points. This team supports 32,000+ devices on the wired infrastructure and approximately 20,000+ wireless devices on an average business day.

Enterprise Data Warehouse - Integrates data sources on a nightly basis from 27 enterprise applications into one centralized, normalized data repository containing more than 450 tables and views designed to provide reporting and analysis District-wide, in addition to feeding data to downstream business applications

Telecommunications - Supports 10,562 Cisco VoIP telephones, and 1,600 miles of Cat6 infrastructure connecting every classroom in the district. Also provides district support for all overhead paging, CATV, audio/video, cellular, and vendor carrier services

E-Rate - DPS is one of the most successful districts in the country utilizing the FCC's E-Rate program. To date this team has received $61M in funding technology services and infrastructure upgrade

Customer Relations Management - Comprised of five major support areas: Hotline, Site Support, Technical Product Support, Quality Assurance/Business Analysis, and Staff Development.

Hotline Support - Initiated with the Hotline and assigned to appropriate technicians for resolution. In 2011, over 61,000 requests were created with an overall customer satisfaction rate of 3.8 (out of a 4.0 scale).

Technical Product Support/Site Support - Major application Tier II and Tier III support for all departments and schools. Provides standardized training to School Technology Representatives that are responsible for in-building support (38 classroom trainings held in 2011). In 2011 we distributed 3,321 laptops in the 1:1 teacher initiative.

Quality Assurance/Business Analysis - Applies Software Development Life Cycle methodology. Serves as the final gateway for system deployment to assure products are delivered with proper testing, communication, training and support. In 2011, over 25 systems were deployed utilizing a combination of Agile and Waterfall project management theory.

School Technology Representative - Is a school-based position which provides “front-line” support for most classroom technology. DoTS provides standardized training to School Technology Representatives that are responsible for in-building support (38 classroom trainings held in 2011).

Enterprise Applications (Development and Architecture ) - is made up of four groups that develop and maintain the following district systems; School and Department websites, District web applications, Student Information System, Student and Staff submissions for the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), Enrollment, Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Data Reporting and Business Intelligence data and reporting.

Business Intelligence - Handles the development of the district’s data metrics for On Track to Graduate, ABC Stoplight Report (At risk indicators, attendance, behavior, etc. for all students), as well as 200+ reports for school operations, human resource data, assessments, facility work orders, budget, etc.

Business Applications - Developers update and maintain our Human Resource and Payroll system (Lawson) as well as our Financial system (currently Cayenta but in the process of migrating to Lawson). Team also manages the CDE Staff submission system.

Core Development - Actively develops and maintains the district’s Enterprise Principal, Teacher and Parent/Student Portals along with District’s Teacher Pay for Performance system, Procomp. Actively maintain the web sites for the schools and departments totaling 200+ websites. From December 1st , 2011 to March 1st, 2012 , the DPS website received 2,039,480 visits, 499,368 Unique Visitors, and 3,852,529 Pageviews. (Source: Google Analytics for www.dpsk12.org)

Education Applications - Developed the district’s new Enrollment Improvement Initiative which processed over 90,000 student enrollments for the 2012-2013 school year. Maintains and develops for the district’s Student Information System (Infinite Campus) which manages the district’s 170+ schools and 81,000 students.

Customer Service Is...

  • Doing whatever it takes to support the customer
  • On-going communication, ensuring the users are kept informed
  • Trying to keep one step ahead in technology and support
  • Smiling frequently and enjoying the jobs we have all chosen


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DoTS has unveiled  HEAT Self Service to all DPS staff. With HEAT Self Service you can now independently submit and review all of your technology issues in one convenient place.

Click here to get started HEAT SELF SERVICE (http://hss.dpsk12.org). Log on with your DPS email ID and password. Please be sure to read the New to HEAT Self Service? after you log in for instructions.





Please Note: DoTS is no longer offering Windows Operating System software DVDs to employees for their personal home use. 

Employees still have access to Microsoft Office Professional suite for Windows and Mac. 

Steps to order Microsoft Office Professional Suite. Must be a DPS employee with valid DPS email account

Includes: Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac.

Cost: $9.95 for software download. Additional $10 for media.

To order:

Click HomeOffice for step-by-step ordering instructions PLEASE NOTE: The program code is C38F274E38

Go to Microsoft link to place an order.


Employees still have access to Microsoft Office Professional suite for Windows and Mac. 

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